Friday, 2 June 2017

Physician Assisted Suicide law used to terminate life of Colorado woman

Colorado woman ends her life after consuming Nembutal Medications. Physician assisted suicide legalized in Colorado . 

Katy and Herb Myers actually met each other at about the age of 5 year old . Herb being the shy guy couldn't ask her for a date not until they were about university before he could gather up some courage to ask her on it . 
Katy who started smoking since 12 years old had been diagnosed with COPD , about a decade ago, the situation kept worsening . 
Katy Myers finally ends her life.

For the last three years , she had been living on oxygen tanks throughout the medication process . 
Her last 8 months were spent on Hospice care . 

Back in December after Colorado legalized physician assisted dying , Katy and Herb and their son started searching for medical physicians that could provide the prescriptions or the Suicide medications so she could be terminated . 

After a while of long search , they finally got in contact with Dr Hardy who then provided the correct prescription and also lethal dosage which terminated her life . 

This is actually the first case in Colorado of Physician assisted suicide since its legalization . 
Kathy talked this with her husband, sister and brother and they all individually gave her their final bye before she actually took the peaceful pill
She said she wasn't afraid neither was she nervous but she just wanted to end her pain at her own convenience . 

Dr Hardy has recorded a number of successes with physician assisted Euthanasia and also noted for his Euthanasia campaigns with Dr Phillip of Australia . They have worked together for the past 25 years fighting to legalize the physician assisted Suicide . 

Dr Hardy also works with associations such as Nembutal Meds , Online Pentobarbital Solutions , Nembutal Pills testing laboratory , and other agencies . 

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